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14 May 2021

Piast Gliwice extended his cooperation with an important business partner before the end of present season PKO Bank Polski Ekstraklasa. The contract between the club from Gliwice and verocargo, as in previous years, provides comprehensive display of the sponsor's brand, at the stadium and in the club's social media, as well as on the match shirts.- We are satisfied with the cooperation with Piast Gliwice, with the marketing service and relations with the Club's employees. We are proud of success that Piast achived and we belive that it will be associated with the success of verocargo, so I wish that the Gliwice club in the future years will play at least in the group stage of the European cups. I am very happy about this business partnership. When my wife and I founded the verocargo company at the beginning, I did not expect that it would develop this way and that Piast would become such a strong team. It's all happening now. We praise about Piast and our presence at the stadium, everything fits together perfectly - said Adam Zieliński, president of the board in verocargo Gliwice.The sponsor's logo will be localized on the left sleeve of the match shirts.





verocargo 2020

Logistic projects


Complex services beyond transportation, forwarding and intermodal transportation.

External fleet


First of all we make use of cars working only for verocargo.

The best carriers have our logo on their tarpaulins

Oversize freight transportation


Our experience is mainly based on transportation of machines and construction elements

Intermodal transportation


We optimise transport using basic loading units- containers of 20 and 40΄. In most cases we join maritime transportation with inland or rail transportation

Maritime transportation


Contact with ship owners and agents enables safe delivery/reception of cargo to/from every part of the world. We can successfully deal with documentaton requirements and impediments e.g. in the height of the season

Inland transportation


Services provided are based on the following fleet vehicle

- tarpaulins of 13,6 load meter, standard or mega, up to 24 tons of carrying capacity

- sets 110-120 cbm

- silos

- dump trucks

- solo cars 1,5 to 10 tons of load